Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Told you I wasn't a very good girl...

According to the Vogue Book of Etiquette (1948):

"Nothing is more unbecoming to a woman than a harsh attitude of carelessness and self absorption." (p. 33)

Even better:

"A woman can gracefully play second fiddle, but a man who is obviously subordinated to a dominating woman is a pathetic and foolish figure." (p. 34)

And finally:

"The ideal attitude which should underlie all women's manners expresses kindness, gentleness, good will, sensitive understanding, self-respect and when it is appropriate, deference ." (p. 33)

Um, yeah, I'll get right on that.... I'm nothing if not graceful.

1 comment:

Tierra said...

ha! yeah, I hear ya.

interesting stuff...really makes me think about the ways in which I have been programmed to be.

even though I am not as programmed as some, there is still a lot of that useless shit in me.