Monday, April 14, 2008

"Rub Against Me and I'll Expose You"

A loyal supporter of "Breaking the Code" sent me a link to this article this morning. I find the last line a particularly telling (and somewhat disturbing) indication of where things stand when it comes to street (or subway) harassment:
"'Maybe the campaign is good because it makes women think about it ahead of time,' added Midgley's mother, Lynn Greiner."

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Funny Feminists and Infuriating Footnotes

While searching in vain for the missing citation I need for a quote* in my very-nearly-finished article on girl watching, I came across Gloria Steinem’s classic “If Men Could Menstruate.” I’ve read it many, many times before, but it gave me a chuckle this morning. So I wanted to share.

*Yes, yes, I know this is silly. I am generally quite anal about such things – I keep all my papers and notes filed by where they came from so that I won’t have unattributed sources, I lecture my students about the need to be absolutely fanatical about keeping track of where their material comes from, I even tell them the story of the quotation I finally had to take out of my book in the very last draft because I could not find from where I had pulled it. And if you can’t cite it, you can’t use it.

To that end, anyone know a reference to secondary issues – or really the snowballing of issues – at the height of second wave radical feminism being referred to as “yeah, that too” issues? I thought it was in Ruth Rosen’s The World Split Open or Susan Brownmiller’s In Our Time, but I’m coming up with nothing so far…