Thursday, April 3, 2008

Funny Feminists and Infuriating Footnotes

While searching in vain for the missing citation I need for a quote* in my very-nearly-finished article on girl watching, I came across Gloria Steinem’s classic “If Men Could Menstruate.” I’ve read it many, many times before, but it gave me a chuckle this morning. So I wanted to share.

*Yes, yes, I know this is silly. I am generally quite anal about such things – I keep all my papers and notes filed by where they came from so that I won’t have unattributed sources, I lecture my students about the need to be absolutely fanatical about keeping track of where their material comes from, I even tell them the story of the quotation I finally had to take out of my book in the very last draft because I could not find from where I had pulled it. And if you can’t cite it, you can’t use it.

To that end, anyone know a reference to secondary issues – or really the snowballing of issues – at the height of second wave radical feminism being referred to as “yeah, that too” issues? I thought it was in Ruth Rosen’s The World Split Open or Susan Brownmiller’s In Our Time, but I’m coming up with nothing so far…

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